Cocoon is a home for the people you feel close to today, and will feel even closer to tomorrow.

As the internet grows, it becomes easier and easier to meet new people and keep in touch with everyone we know. Along the way, our closest relationships may feel lost in a sea of connectivity. We felt there was a missing space on our phones, and so we set out to build Cocoon: a "social" app where we can be as introverted and still connected as ever. A private and cozy corner to hang out with people we already know and love but may not share frequent time and space in person. A place to gather our further away family members, friends-for-life, and tight-knit groups—and keep them close to heart. We believe our closest people deserve an ideal space, so that's what we set out to build.

Our Team

We are a small and nimble crew of social software fanatics hailing from the likes of Facebook, IDEO, Microsoft, Headspace, etc. We've built a lot in our past lives — from everyday tools used by billions, to beloved award-winning apps with passionate followings. We're optimistic about technology's ability to help nurture relationships, and realistic about how hard it is get it right. Even though our days are filled with pixels and code, we draw most of our inspiration from other timeless fields, outside of software, that examine how and why people come together — like architecture, urban design, sociology, and anthropology. If this resonates with you, check out the open roles on our jobs page.