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Say goodbye to human error with Cocoon’s reliable, easy-to-use leave management system

Cocoon Admin Dashboard with information on parental leave, caregiver leave, medical leave, and claims statuses

Cocoon vs. traditional leave management systems

Traditional leave providers handle a lot manually—leaving room for error, inconsistency, and a subpar employee experience. Cocoon is redefining the leave experience with first-of-its kind technology you and your team can rely on.

Traditional leave management
Employee leave planning

Employees can explore options in Cocoon at any time and privately plan a leave in <10 minutes

Employees notify HR and have an intake call with a rep from the provider just to explore options


Software codifies 40+ federal/state leave laws with your policies and auto-sends required notices

Humans must intake 20+ data points to manually determine eligibility and send required notices


Cocoon handles employer portion and gives employees a customized dashboard with step-by-step guidance

Employees navigate claims on their own, or a rep files on their behalf—resulting in room for error and lack of employee privacy

Payroll calculations

Automated with software for accuracy

Done manually in spreadsheets

Employee support

Support Team focuses only on helping employees; average reply time of 4 hours 15 mins between 7am-6pm (and just 7.58 hours over 24-hour period)

Reps are responsible for complex leave admin (e.g. compliance) and helping employees; SLAs between 24 and 48 hours

Leave plan updates

Employees can update their plan in a few clicks and all relevant compliance, claims, and pay details update automatically in real-time

Employees must contact a rep to make changes; rep manually updates relevant compliance, claims, and pay details 

Admin leave tracking

Dashboard with view of all leaves, plus granular details on each employee’s leave timeline, claims status, pay, documents, and eligibility 

Limited visibility into employee leave, eligibility, pay, or claims information — Admins rely on reps to provide info

Admin reporting

In-product reporting on population trends like average policy time used and benefits recouped

No “source of truth” data hub results in limited visibility into population-level trends

ADA leave accommodations

Seamless in-product support for request, review, and approval processes; ongoing leave tracking

Manual request and review processes; limited or no in-product tracking

Hear from an employee: parental leave with and without Cocoon

"My first pregnancy, I was so lost and frustrated. The [second] go round, our company had partnered with Cocoon. I can’t get over how easy [they] made this…Instructions like ‘Box 1, put this date. Address needed for Area 2, copy this. Easy as that. THANK YOU Cocoon.”

Kaleana Quibell,
Former VP of Wellbeing and Platform Partners at Sequoia

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