Employee leave software you can rely on

Cocoon takes on the heavy lifting of compliance, leave tracking, claims, and payroll to give People teams peace of mind—and hours back each week.

Employer reviewing dashboard that reflects total benefits recovered from state and disability benefits as well as employees and their leave types (i.e. parental, medical).

Leave management for today's teams

Traditional leave solutions are stuck in manual eligibility determinations, payroll calculations, and games of telephone. Eliminate human error and get real-time visibility with Cocoon’s powerful automation and tracking tools.

Cocoon software calculating necessary claims for a parental leave in California.

Automated compliance, anywhere

Cocoon’s technology pulls employee info from your census and checks it against FMLA, state leave laws, and your policies to calculate eligibility, then automates designation notices to reduce legal risk.

Admin dashboard functionality for tracking leaves, viewing timeline updates, and exporting reports

Simpler leave tracking, all in one place

The Cocoon Admin Dashboard gives detailed insights into each employee’s leave plan, claims, and pay to help People teams troubleshoot quickly and better support employees.

In-platform reporting

Cocoon’s Insights feature surfaces key leave trends to help you calculate the true cost and impact of your leave program to make informed decisions and demonstrate ROI.

Employer receiving notification that their pay file is ready to download.

Automated payroll calculations

Cocoon’s technology automatically calculates leave pay and gives Admins detailed visibility into each employee’s payments across different sources, per pay period.

Secure API integrations

Our HRIS integrations automatically sync your employee data to Cocoon in real time to ensure it’s always up-to-date and secure.

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