Paid leave claims without the complication 

Cocoon’s powerful tools give step-by-step guidance to take the guesswork out of state and private insurance claims.

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Tools for stress-free claims

Cocoon instantly identities any state or insurance benefits employees are eligible for. We handle the employer portion of claims, while our dynamic tasks dashboard gives employees customized step-by-step guidance.

Cocoon software calculating necessary claims for a parental leave in California.

Accuracy through automation

Claims Copilots pull relevant employee information from your HRIS, like start date and salary, to help employees fill out forms quickly and accurately.

Unmatched visibility for People teams

Cocoon Admins can easily track each individual’s claims timelines, status, and documents— the context you need to support employees and help troubleshoot.

Save thousands on payroll per leave

By making it easy for employees to access state and insurance benefits, Cocoon saves companies average of $12,515 per leave on payroll costs—a metric you can track in Cocoon over time.

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Hear from a Cocoon customer about the claims experience

“Cocoon ultimately won me over because of its user-friendly UI and general ease of use. The fact that they can help leave-takers fill out government forms that are confusing for (even me as an HR pro!) was huge.”

Crystal Kung
Head of Total Rewards at Khan Academy

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How does Cocoon handle private disability claims?

We guide employees through filling out required forms and getting any necessary certifications from their medical provider, then we’re able to work with your insurance carrier to submit these on employees’ behalf (we handle the employer section, too).

What happens if a claim is denied or delayed?

Cocoon is committed to helping employees through these often stressful moments. For security reasons, state or insurance entities typically mandate working with the claimant directly through the appeal process. Depending on their unique situation, we’ll give employees detailed instructions on how to work with the entity to understand the issue, submit an appeal when applicable, and make sure they get their full pay.

Software is great, but how do employees get help when they need it?

The claims process is notoriously confusing, and we know people will inevitably have questions along the way. Employees can reach out to the CLMS-certified Cocoon Support Team at any time. We usually get back to them within about 3 hours during the workday. Employees can always request a phone call, too.

Why doesn’t Cocoon file state claims for employees?

We’ve watched the industry change as more and more states roll out practices to thwart fraud. California, for instance, implemented an ID verification system and two-factor authentication. While we can still handle the employer section, these changes make it untenable for a third party to file state benefit claims on employees’ behalf. We also found that inserting a third-party often slows down the process as state entities (and medical providers) often refuse to give or get information from anyone besides employees themselves. Instead, Cocoon is laser-focused on empowering employees with the tools they need to make the process simple and stress-free.

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