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Save hours of work by automating the complexities of compliance, claims, and payroll

Reduce legal risk

Reduce legal risk by ensuring compliance across states

Give employees

Give employees the seamless leave experience they deserve

Why Cocoon

Traditional leave management solutions are still stuck in paper claims, call centers, and painstaking manual processes

  • Rules engine determines eligibility
  • Automated payroll calculations
  • Copilots tools for filing claims
  • Private leave design and planning
  • Employee dashboard and pay trackers
  • Empower your team with information
Return on Investment
  • In-product reporting on benefits funds recouped
  • Automation and tools cut admin time in half for People teams
Employee experience

The modern, private leave experience employees deserve

Leave design tool that enables employees to input information on their leave type with follow up questions around due date, delivery type and bonding leave time (parental leave example).

Private leave design

Employees can privately plan a compliant leave in minutes and share with HR when they’re ready. Our interactive dashboard shows options for time away and pay while surfacing your relevant benefits.

Software reflecting to an employee information needed to fill out and submit their claim forms including hire date, weekly earnings, and EIN number.

Step-by-step claims guidance

Cocoon determines any state or insurance benefits owed to an employee, and our Claims Dashboard and Copilot tools provide step-by-step guidance for filing each claim.

Employee pay dashboard that breaks down what funds they can expect to receive from their employer, state and insurance entities in total as well as broken down each week of their leave.

Easy pay tracking

Pay Trackers show employees past and upcoming payments from their employer, the state, and insurance so they know how much to expect from each source and monitor what’s already been paid.

Employee reviewing email discussion with Cocoon support team member that includes the ability to schedule a call.

Ongoing expert support

Cocoon supports employees and their managers with education, return to work tips, and access to our CLMS-certified Support team throughout the leave journey.

Employer experience

Automation and insights People teams can count on

Cocoon software calculating necessary claims for a parental leave in California.

Automated compliance, anywhere

Cocoon cross-checks FMLA and state leave laws with your policies to determine eligibility, while sending compliance notices to reduce legal risk.

Employer leave dashboard that includes a breakdown of employees out on leave with the ability to filter based on leave status (i.e. upcoming leaves, returning soon, completed leaves, and repayment needed). Additionally, the dashboard includes claims details that reflect to employer the steps an employee has already taken (i.e. employee has completed leave forms) as well as what still needs to be done (i.e. employee confirming the arrival of child).

Simpler leave tracking, all in one place

The Cocoon Admin Dashboard gives detailed insights into each employee’s leave plan, claims, and pay to help People teams support employees and solve real problems.

Employer company leave insights dashboard that includes total benefits received, average leave length, percentage of employees eligible for state benefits, and percentage of policy utilized by employees. These insights can be filtered by duration (i.e. last year) and leave type (i.e. parental, medical, caregiver leaves).

In-platform reporting

Cocoon’s Insights feature surfaces key leave data to help you calculate the true cost and impact of your leave program to really understand ROI.

Employer receiving notification that their pay file is ready to download.

Automated payroll calculations

Cocoon’s technology automatically calculates leave pay and gives Admins detailed visibility into each employee’s payments across each phase.

It's time to enter the next generation of employee leave