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Leave management software that automates the complexities of compliance, claims, and payroll for People teams and their employees.

Employer reviewing dashboard that reflects total benefits recovered from state and disability benefits as well as employees and their leave types (i.e. parental, medical).

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Cocoon vs. traditional leave providers

Traditional leave management solutions are still stuck in paper claims, call centers, and painstaking manual processes. Cocoon is redefining leave management with first-of-its kind technology that ensures accuracy, removes bottlenecks, and preserves employee privacy.

 CocoonTraditional leave management
Employee leave planningEmployees log in to Cocoon any time to privately plan a leave in <10 minutes and share when they are readyEmployees notify HR and have an intake call with a rep from the provider just to explore options
Eligibility determinationsProprietary rules algorithm codifies federal and state laws with your company policies and auto-sends compliance noticesHumans must intake 20+ data points to manually determine eligibility and send relevant notices
Private disability claimsCocoon files claims and guides employees through getting medical certification from their physicianEmployees navigate claims on their own, or a rep files claims and contacts their physician for health data
State claimsEmployees file claims with the help of Cocoon’s step-by-step guide and form-filling automation toolsEmployees give a rep power of attorney to file on their behalf using their PII, or navigate claims on their own
Support modelCLMS-certified Support team available by email and phone when employees need assistanceEmployees are randomly assigned one representative they must contact to access info or update their plan
Payroll calculationsAutomated with softwareDone manually in spreadsheets
IntegrationsAPI integrations to pull census data from Workday, Gusto, Zenefits, Paylocity, BambooHR, Namely, and moreManually upload census files, risking out of date information calculating eligibility and pay
Employer visibility and reportingAdmin Dashboard with details into all leaves, employee pay and claims status, and trends reportingLimited visibility into employee leave, pay, or claims information — Admins rely on reps to provide info
A tale of parental leave with and without Cocoon

Night and day: Leave with and without Cocoon

Sequoia Consulting Group employee Stacey Lim has taken two leaves in two different states, one with Cocoon, and one without — something that makes her a bit of an expert on the topic, having lived it from various perspectives.

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