The paid leave solution for Oregon employers

Leave management software that automates the complexities of compliance, claims, and payroll for People teams and their employees.

Don’t risk it — automate compliance with Oregon's paid leave laws

Cocoon codifies FMLA, PLO, OFLA, and ever-changing leave laws across all 50 states to calculate each employee’s eligibility and send required notices, reducing risk for distributed companies nationwide.

Create a seamless employee experience when it matters most

Unlike traditional leave providers, our intuitive tools give employees the power to privately plan a leave in minutes, easily file claims, and accurately track their pay.

Dashboard providing an employee context on estimated benefit amounts recovered from state and disability entities as well as a task checklist and required completion timeline per task.

Save hours and thousands on employee leave

Cocoon’s software does the heavy lifting for compliance, claims, payroll, and reporting, saving People teams hours — and an average of $12,776 per leave in recouped benefits payments.

Employer dashboard reflecting company insights on total benefits recuperated, policy utilization, average leave length and percentage of employees eligible for state benefits. Leave page reflecting employee leaves that includes information such as name, leave type, leave dates, and leave status (i.e. active, upcoming, complete).

“I’ve had several employees express gratitude for how Cocoon has helped them. Cocoon is a better experience for our employees and it saves us time.”

Cassandra Colten

Cassandra Colten

Assoc. Dir, Total Rewards

“Using Cocoon has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in enabling Benchling to be the most employee-forward and progressive organization that we possibly can.”

Vivek Reddy

Vivek Reddy

Head of People Operations

“We don’t have to do last minute research for each leave in each state. As more people go on leave, it’s a snowball effect of savings because administrative work is automated."

Crystal Kung

Crystal Kung

Head of Total Rewards

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Benefits and Rewards
For benefits and total rewards

Attract and retain top talent with a competitive leave program that gives employees the experience they deserve.

For people ops and payroll

Save hours each week with software that automates compliance and payroll calculations, at scale.

Brokers and Consultants
For brokers and consultants

Partner with Cocoon to keep your clients (and your firm) on the cutting-edge of HR technology.

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