Improve caregivers’ experience by managing caregiver leave in Cocoon

Cocoon makes it easy for employees to understand their options to plan and manage their caregiver leave so they can have a sense of certainty amidst other doubts.

Ryley Donohoe
Ryley Donohoe
Improve caregivers’ experience by managing caregiver leave in Cocoon

Taking a caregiver leave can be an unexpected and emotionally challenging experience for employees. Rightfully so, their top priority is caring for their loved one, not trying to understand complicated federal, state, and company programs (e.g. how much time and pay will they get, if any? Which relationships are considered covered?). At Cocoon, we’re committed to taking the work and ambiguity out of caregiver leave—making it easy for companies to support their employees in some of their most difficult moments.

“I’m so grateful for all the help I received from my company, my boss, and Cocoon. I needed to do a bunch of research, make phone calls, and I was really grateful to my partner at Cocoon for doing certain paperwork and logistics on my behalf, and walking me through everything.”
- D took a caregiver leave to donate bone marrow and care for his mother.
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Easily navigate the complexity of caregiver leave in Cocoon

A simple planning flow determines an employee’s eligibility and shows them how much time and pay is available based on state and federal laws, tenure, and your company policy. Employees don’t need to wade through complex state programs to guess what they are eligible for—Cocoon shows them their options right away. Then, employees can plan their leave in just minutes, fully understanding the time off and pay they’re eligible to receive. Cocoon guides them through the next steps of filing claims, planning for leave, and tracking their pay

With Cocoon, employees get the easy, empathetic caregiver leave experience they deserve:

  • Plan in private. Caregiving can be even more sensitive than parental or medical leave and the decision making process is different. Employees can understand their options in private while figuring out the complexities of caring for a loved one. 
  • Easily understand time and pay. Many employees who may be aware of parental or medical leave options, have no idea they may be entitled to protected time off or pay for their state or employer. Now, they can explore their options for a caregiver leave in one place.
  • Automated compliance for distributed teams. Cocoon codifies all federal and state leave laws in addition to your company policy. Our technology determines employee eligibility and generates compliance notices automatically, removing the risk of human error.

Why you need a caregiver leave policy

Taking leave can be incredibly difficult, especially when it’s unexpected (as many caregiver leaves are). When faced with a new reality and a number of added responsibilities to their day-to-day lives, caregivers can suffer negative health impacts as well. With an estimated 53 million caregivers in the US today, it’s likely that more employees than you realize are at risk for increased depression or negatively impacted physical health and well-being. Employers have the opportunity to step up and support the caregivers in their community by using Cocoon, implementing a paid leave policy, and allowing employees the time and space needed to care for their loved ones.

Resources to better understand caregiver leave

We know that getting started offering a new type of leave can be daunting. We’ve assembled a suite of free resources for all employers to start offering caregiver leave, and better support their employees:

It's time to enter the next generation of employee leave