Workday, meet your leave of absence BFF

Instantly sync employee data to and from Workday with Cocoon’s API integration.

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Workday integration with Cocoon for leave dates, and employee information.

Accurate and secure employee data, guaranteed 

Our Workday census integration automatically pulls relevant employee data into Cocoon so it’s always up-to-date, accurate, and secure. No manual file feeds or regular uploads required. 

HR leader syncing employee leave data from Cocoon to Workday

Complete context in Workday. None of the manual data entry.

Our two-way integration syncs employees’ leave status and dates to Workday for the full picture of employee leave right in your HRIS. No more painstaking (and error-prone) manual work.

More data, easier leave planning and claims

Seamless data sharing helps employees, too. Cocoon pulls info from Workday to auto-populate most of your team’s leave planning flow and to surface key info like start date or weekly salary to accurately fill out claim forms in a matter of clicks.

Cocoon's Workday integration pre-populates important fields for employees in the leave planning process.

Hear from a Cocoon customer about the benefits of a tech-powered leave solution

“There’s been a significant reduction in the administrative burden...It’s a relief to know that pay and entitlements are correct in the portal, and we don’t have to manually update that anywhere, because Cocoon also integrates with Workday.”

Sarah Robillard
Senior Benefits Analyst at ActiveCampaign

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How does Cocoon handle private disability claims?

We guide employees through filling out required forms and getting any necessary certifications from their medical provider, then we’re able to work with your insurance carrier to submit these on employees’ behalf (we handle the employer section, too).

What happens if a claim is denied or delayed?

Cocoon is committed to helping employees through these often stressful moments. For security reasons, state or insurance entities typically mandate working with the claimant directly through the appeal process. Depending on their unique situation, we’ll give employees detailed instructions on how to work with the entity to understand the issue, submit an appeal when applicable, and make sure they get their full pay.

Software is great, but how do employees get help when they need it?

The claims process is notoriously confusing, and we know people will inevitably have questions along the way. Employees can reach out to the CLMS-certified Cocoon Support Team at any time. We usually get back to them within about 3 hours during the workday. Employees can always request a phone call, too.

Why doesn’t Cocoon file state claims for employees?

We’ve watched the industry change as more and more states roll out practices to thwart fraud. California, for instance, implemented an ID verification system and two-factor authentication. While we can still handle the employer section, these changes make it untenable for a third party to file state benefit claims on employees’ behalf. We also found that inserting a third-party often slows down the process as state entities (and medical providers) often refuse to give or get information from anyone besides employees themselves. Instead, Cocoon is laser-focused on empowering employees with the tools they need to make the process simple and stress-free.

It's time to enter the next generation of employee leave