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Cocoon release notes: what’s new in May 2024

Personal leaves, fitness for duty, Admin visibility into even more leave details, and a new pay education hub. Here’s what’s new in Cocoon.

Liberty Buttenwieser
Liberty Buttenwieser
Product Marketing
Cocoon release notes: what’s new in May 2024

Our momentum shows no signs of slowing down in Q2 2024 as we release more updates that take work off the plates of People teams and leave-takers alike. We’re particularly excited about these recent launches because they represent several top requests we’ve gotten from partners and our broader community over the past year. First up: hot off the heels of ADA accommodation leaves, our long-awaited product experience to support personal leaves is here—further empowering leaders everywhere to create more compassionate workplaces.

Keep reading for details about personal leaves, revamped Pay Dashboards, our new seamless fitness for duty process, and even more granular Admin visibility into denied leaves and FMLA balances.

Beyond FMLA: Introducing personal leaves in Cocoon

Today, we're thrilled to announce that Cocoon is expanding beyond FMLA and ADA-covered leave types with our new product experience for planning and managing personal leaves. Many companies offer personal leave (or they take it a step further with compassionate leave) policies to encourage employees to take time away from work for a reason that doesn’t fit into “traditional'' leave types, whether it be bereavement, caregiving for someone that doesn't fall under FMLA’s caregiver definition, or any number of other reasons. 

Employees can now easily request a personal leave and track their progress right in Cocoon. We streamline communications and collect information from employees so that Admins can review each leave request, and track it alongside all others in one place. We talk a lot about how Cocoon differs from the traditional rep-based leave solution, and this launch is no different: we believe no one knows your employees and policy nuances like you do, so we give you control over the highly subjective and sensitive approval decision, while automating the little pieces of the puzzle to take as much off your plate as possible.

Fitness for duty form collection, simplified

Facilitating medical leaves is notoriously complex (that’s why we had a whole webinar on the topic), so we’re using software to take even more off your plate. Our new product experience makes collecting fitness for duty (FFD) forms easy: 

Step 1: Cocoon automatically reminds employees to complete their certifications

Step 2: Employees upload the forms right in Cocoon

Step 3: Admins stay looped in every step of the way, automatically

No more juggling clunky PDF attachments or missing key information.

Track time balances and denied leaves with a couple clicks

At Cocoon, we’re all about giving People teams easy access to leave details that help them support employees quickly and with confidence. This time we’re adding visibility into leave balances and denied leaves because employees often want to know how much leave time they have left at any given moment. On the Eligibility details tab, you can now view each employee’s latest balances for FMLA and any applicable state laws to give them immediate answers. You can see:

  • Total days
  • Used days
  • Remaining days

Cocoon Admins can also now view any planned medical leaves that were denied for missing or incomplete serious health condition forms right in their Dashboards. Medical leaves are not just complicated to administer—they are complicated for employees to navigate, too. This latest update will ensure you have full context to help employees get the right documentation to take the time they need to recover. 

Meet your new leave pay education hub

Last quarter we told you about our new in-depth Pay Trackers for both employees and Cocoon Admins. Today, we’re excited to share even more updates to our Pay Dashboards with the addition of new tooltips, explainers, and extensive resource libraries (with videos like this one) to help answer the most common pay questions—before they come up. Admins and employees can navigate to their dedicated resource libraries right in their Dashboards.

From giving more peace of mind around pay to to expanding the traditional meaning of a reason for leave, our team is laser-focused on building solutions that truly make life with leave easier. Stay tuned for more Cocoon release notes like this one as the year continues!

It's time to enter the next generation of employee leave